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Proposal:.WIKI. and .WK. top level domains

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Rod Beckstrom, the new leader of ICANN, has recently expressed a willingness to assign top level domains in proportion to an internet site's success and their demand.


The Foundation should ask for both the .wiki. and .wk. top level domains.


Given the site's success, it would lead to saving a lot of typing and expand the ability to cite articles in short messages, especially if the url substring "wiki/" can be avoided or shortened after the shorter domains. For example, URLs such as http://en.wk/Article , http://en.wiki/Article or perhaps http://en.wk/w/Article , etc., would save large aggregate amounts of typing time and short message space.

Key Questions

Is it reasonable to expect that the .wk. domain could be otherwise more efficiently assigned? Are there any countries with initial w and k sounds likely to petition the ISO for recognition?

  • I'd be interested to hear the thoughts on this matter of wiki inventor w:Ward Cunningham, who has been closely involved with ICANN in the past (and for all I know, still is). Ward is a very clear thinker about the directions wiki is evolving, and his reflections would be helpful in evaluating a proposal like this. -Peteforsyth 03:18, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

Potential Costs

Possibly much lower than expected based on previous domain quotations. Possibly almost zero!

There is only one way to find out: ask.


@RodBeckstrom on Twitter, personal communication

Community Discussion

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