Proposal:30,000,000 English Wikipedia articles by the year 2029

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We have to get 30,000,000 articles by January 1, 2029 so that Wikipedia can establish itself in future history


Trying to get people to create articles about stuff that is more future-oriented than acceptable in the past. For example, we need to start accepting more articles about hypothetical inventions/events/organizations (in addition to future celebrities that are currently just the children of current celebrities) and more stuff involving dates in the future.


English Wikipedia must keep increasing the number of articles in its portfolio if it is to gather all the information needed about the upcoming Singularity and solve the problems of global warming, overpopulation, and how to better prepare our people for space exploration and colonization.

Key Questions

  • Is there a way to get school children (from ages 8-21) involved in editing Wikipedia articles in their spare time?
  • How do we get people to create more articles about people who are not movie stars, musicians, or other famous people?
  • Can we convince the world that a manager of a local family restaurant is just as important as Tom Cruise or Tyra Banks?

Potential Costs

Just the amount of time it takes to get English Wikipedia up to 30,000,000 articles


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