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A MediaWiki Parser in C


The mission of WMF is to spread the free knowledge; in order to increase the potential usage of data from Wikipedia, it is fundamentally to write a separate and portable parser for wiki-text.

It should be official and standardized.


A standard, portable parser will enable lots of applications of Wikipedia data. The potential usage of the parser might be:

  • To replace the original MediaWiki PHP parser with faster performance and smaller memory usage
  • Various note-taking tools which can render wiki-text directly and exchange wiki-text from desktop to Wikimedia servers via API.(See Proposal:Wikimedia editor)
  • Store and show Wikipedia data in a USB disk.
  • Enable convertion between formats: Not only wikitext to HTML, but also PDF generating, LaTex generating...
  • Offline Wikipedia


Two approaches are there to implement the parser:

  • A brand new parser in C
  • Compile the PHP parser into C

Key Questions

  • The complexity of wiki-text syntax
  • Syntax-extending mechanism to meet various requirements

Potential Costs


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