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Proposal:A Questionnaire on every page

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We have a lot of users and we would like to know more about them and what they think about us. Asking people to complete a long questionnaire is more than many people will do however we should be able to et useful data by asking each visitor one question and even more from two questions since correllations can then be done.


At the bottom of every page (or the top or just below the table of contents) put 2 multiple choice questions - one about the user (sex / age / income / language etc.) and one about what they think (about that page - information, usefulness, grammer, bias - or about wikimedia - have they heard of other languages, projects, etc.). There would be an assortment of questions (10 to 100 different questions?) and which question each visitor is asked would be chosen randomly so one visitor would be asked about his age and the next visitor about her nationality etc. If there is a particular question of interpretation in discussion on that page then the seond question could be related to that.

We could add an open question too Have you any suggestions for improving this page with responses posted to the Discussion page.


By limiting it to 2 questions we should get a good response rate. By asking millions of people different questions we should get useful information - each pair of questions can be answered by a thousand different people.

We can get direct feedback on each discussion page about what people think about that page

Key Questions

Will people give good information? Will Wikimedia make good use of the answers? Some people will try to game the system. Smarter folks than me will, over time, develop tools to combat them. Lets not let that stop us trying this on non-controversial questions in the meantime.

Potential Costs

  • Software that users can use to discuss and agree what what questions to ask
  • Software to collate and tabulate the responses and post these on the appropriate place
  • Software that users can use to parse and slice the data to find what people with PhDs thought of the grammer.


Community Discussion

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