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Proposal:A Wikipedia Museum

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Take it from cyberspace to real space. Reverse technological operations. A building, with exhibits and hands on displays about all kinds of subject matter. One which people can all contribute time, possessions and information. Exhibits and seminars that people can learn from in person far better than text.


Wikipedia tiene tres puntos fuertes de los que no dispone ninguna otra enciclopedia: un número enorme de seguidores, una serie de personas que contribuyen intelectualmente y un glosario enciclopédico de Historia, Arte y Ciencia mezclado con cultura popular, tebeos y dibujos. Sexo y Senado, Bugs Bunny y Mala Religión, Religión y Chris Benoit. El próximo gran paso sería un museo didáctico dedicado a combinar lo extraño y lo admitido.


This will be the acclimate learning annex of all time. A place for things people care about and maybe even develop new interests as they walk through. The bigger questions is why not do it? You already have a following. People willing to contribute their old Batman toy for a display or a vinyl record of Miles Davis or even build an exhibit for free on their own free time. I do believe people love the idea of getting their opinions out their so much you will have contributions. Also the government should more than likely aide and since you are not bound by historical prevalence as much and are not as pretentious as other museums, there is a certain about of material you can reach from that is still untapped. This will not work all that much different from how other museums work. It is just a matter of combining it will you brand name and power.

Key Questions

What is the profit? Museums charge money or "suggested donations" if people supply you with exhibits and volunteer, the profits are huge. Plus there's always the gift shop. Is there a market? The museums of television history and even the museum of mustard exist. This is a conglomerate of everything. You automatically win. You may even be able to squeeze some of the lesser known and more useless museums out and capitalize on their losses. With brand recognition you can slaughter the competition. This even sets of for multiple museums. Almost like a franchise. No one has ever fast food franchised a museum before. The internet is the standard to do it. Liberty Science Center, but more pop culture friendly. All over the country.

Estimación de costes

Construcción. Mantenimiento, seguridad y gestión. Publicidad. Coste de adquisición de los fondos (incluso aunque sean donados, probablemente habrá costes de transporte y manipulación). Todos ellos deberían ser relativamente menores. El verdadero y gran problema es el capital inicial y la inversión.


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