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Wikipedia is too low-quality. Many articles are written everyday, and the number of low-quality articles and stubs is getting out of hand. It is too easy for a high-quality article to become a low-quality one. We need to have a more high-quality Wikipedia in order to become a better reference source.


An idea I had one day and have thought about for some time is that once a Wikipedia article reaches Featured Article status, it would be put into a kind of "lock." Editing of this high-quality page would only be possible with the consent of several editors and/or an administrator.


I have heard several users on Wikipedia mention a "Future Pristine Wikipedia/Wiktionary" If this ideal is to be achieved, then a reliable way must be found to keep high-quality articles as flawless as they are supposed to be. This is a lofty and noble goal. Wikipedia is my primary reference source and I hate it when people ridicule it for being susceptible to vandalism, and thus incredibly unreliable. I can find no other way to take a step towards this goal. Shouldn't every Wikipedia user have this in mind? Isn't a reliable and flawless Wikipedia what we are trying to work towards?

Key Questions

  • How strong will this "lock" be?
    • How many users will it take to edit a "locked article"?
    • Should the consent of an adminastrator be required to edit a "locked article"?
    • Will this lock be strengthened in the case of new users?
  • Will the "lock" be applied to all articles of Featured Article status?
  • Should a less powerful lock be applied to lower quality articles (e.g. Good Articles)?
  • Is this practical?
  • Would it be too hard to edit?
  • Will this decrease Wikipedia's popularity because of lack of freedom?
  • How do we prevent locked articles getting out of date, since they won't benefit from the random edits that improve other articles?

Potential Costs

  • Time
  • Fancy programming
  • Unusablility?
  • Decreased popularity?


This is just an idea that I came up with. I don't believe it has been placed anywhere else.

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