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A video showing users interested in using any form of Wikimedia, how to do so. One made specifically by the Wikimedia Foundation so that information is exact and so that a voice over and subtitles may be added, as well as alternate languages.


A begginners video tutorial on how to use wikimedia sites. Simply for the reasons stated above and other obvious or revealed reasons as you read on.


Starting out in Wikimedia is tough, and all that reading can be overwhelming or time consuming for the average user. Why not condense the basics into a 7 to 10 minute video? It would help hundreds of would be users find a foothold.

Key Questions

The first few are problems I see myself.

  • Isn't it just laziness not to read?

Somewhat, but what about people who do not read all that well but have exceptional writing skils? I have met quite a few.

  • Who will do the translations?

Why, either hired voices or the Wiki community itself!

Potential Costs

I am guessing the cost of a high grade hypercam such as Camtasia would be about $100 and voices would be around $200 to $300 varying the languages and how many volunteers we have.


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