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Proposal:A repository for reminiscences

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I am proposing that Wikimedia provide a forum for an archive of personal reminiscences, recordings of interviews where persons recount what they have seen.


Wikipedia rightly forbids primary research so this proposal should be a separate site focussed on a very specific type of primary research - an archive of interviews with people about things they have experienced.

A number of others have done similar things in the past - The library of Congress WP:Archive of Folk Culture, the BBC WP:Mass Observation project - some people are doing this now like the www.europeanreminiscencenetwork.org.

My proposal is that we encourage people all over the world to go and interview their grandparents about what they remember from way back.

The last British veteran from world war I died recently. The vetrans of world war II are dieing every day. The stories of the anti-colonial struggles of the fifties and sixties haven't been recorded. Traditional dances, tunes, folktales and folk wisdom are being lost every day.

Once these are recorded we need to provide the tools and gather the community to categorise subtitle, translate these interviews to make the content findable, usable and reusable.


To record the primary sources for history and sociology and preserve these for posterity and make them usable.

Key Questions

Mediawiki software may not the best for this project. This one is more about the crowd-source community than the specific software. Can we find the software? Would this divide the efforts of the existing communities or would it reenergise and grow those communities?

Potential Costs

See the Key Questions

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