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Nowadays a language seems to be a container. Even German is not German. There are differences. Some talks about diversity. Me too I like diversity, it makes the world beautiful. Although we need guidelines. Guidelines can simplify life.


In each language there are guidelines. A reference for German is Duden. Articles written in the German Wikipedia must follow these guidelines. There could be a tool implemented, which verifies the grammar as well as the spelling.


Even a less educated person gets a help. Such a tool contributes to the quality of each article. If one cannot save an article before the verification is over, there will be no spelling mistakes. First there is a verification, after one can save the article only. Also it helps to get a common understanding, because everybody is forced to use the same language.

Key Questions

  • There is Duden for the German language. What about all the other languages?

Potential Costs

One has to pay the work of some software engineers.


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