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Romanian language version of Wikipedia can be found at Done


The Romanian language should be added


This tongue is a most interesting remnant of the Latin and Romance languages of the Roman Empire, subsisting for almost 2,000 years in Eastern Europe after the Roman legions gave up the provinces north of the Danube under emperor Aurelianus in AD 274. More than 5 million people have quit Romania,now living in many countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Ukraine and in the Caucasus. The latter were deported in treks from villages of Bessarabia, the eastern part of Romania, occupied in 1812, when Russia and later the Soviet Union tried to change the ethnic proportions of this province. The Romanian lexical thesaurus consists of ca 74% Latin and 20% Slav terms. The other surviving Romance languages are Catalan (the one most resembling Romanian), French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish - but all have a far smaller proportion of Latin words. In Switzerland there are also some villages in the south canton of Graubünden in which an idiom containing many Romance words is still used.

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