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The administrative body has become too large to function efficiently. Let's add levels of hierarchy above "Administrator" to aid in day-to-day decision-making.


Create a hierarchy of "power" levels, beginning with a single level above Administrator. This added level (or added levels) would differ from the Bureaucrat level (for example) in that it would come into play in order to oversee administrator activity and decision making during day-to-day wiki activity.

A level above administrator would:

  • Decide when administrative arguments have ended
  • Make definitive decisions regarding the outcome of administrative arguments
  • Provide swift oversight for blatant administrative errors or misconduct


Administrators have become a rather large body of users that are incapable of efficiently coming to decisions on tough or controversial disputes and other scenarios. Administrators are often even hesitant to act in relatively clear-cut cases, due to the massive body of other administrators that might disagree with them.

In addition to this inefficiency, there is a certain lack of oversight in day-to-day events. A bad administrative decision requires the oversight of that administrator's own peers, which can be an uncomfortable social situation as well as a logistical mess. Disagreements among administrators, of which there are many, more often that not flair into lengthy heated wars. Even a simple case of error or misconduct on the part of an administrator must spawn a lengthy debate, whereas if there were an oversight level, such cases could be dealt with swiftly instead.

Large organizations generally require hierarchies in order to operate efficiently, and Wikipedia may be no different.

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