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Attracting "experts" may help both quality, quantity and public image.


I would like to see more actual experts (scientists, journalists, psychologists, etc) contributing to Wikipedia. The easiest way to do it would be to invite various experts in various fields and give them a "rank" higher than regular users so that bots recognize them and allow them to make more changes without the bot "freaking out". On top of that articles that have been updated and/or reviewed by such an expert, could get a small icon (star, light bulb etc), so that users can see that the given article, has been updated and/or reviewed.


This would both help the quality (and maybe even quantity) of article, while helping Wikipedia to look more professional to newcomers. And at this point many schools and institutions around the world won’t let Wikipedia be used for papers and project, because they fear the content is “made up” by people on the Internet.

Potential Costs

Potentially free, if emails can found. Above that, it would only cost a few man hours on the side of wikipedia.

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