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Proposal:Auto sign on talk pages (done)

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One of the most common newbie mistakes is not to sign talkpages. You need to be a fairly experienced editor before you start editing talkpages in such a way that sometimes you don't want to sign your edit. So lets change things so that the software defaults to automatically adding ~~~~ at the end of every edit you make to a talkpage.

Now marked as done as {{LiquidThreads}} is going to do this.


Set all accounts and IPs to default to auto sign on talkpages. Allow accounts to set autosign off either as a default or for particular edits.

Because so many of us are in the habit of always typing ~~~~ it will need to not add this where users have already signed manually.

Users will need to be informed that their edits to talkpages will default to signed.


This will make things easier for newbies and save a lot of time instructing newbies. It will also save everyone five keystrokes on most of their talkpage edits.

Key Questions

  • Why didn't we do this years ago?

Potential Costs

  • Some IT costs, including rewriting various templates, especially all the welcome templates which currently have to lecture newbies about this.


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