Proposal:Automatic translation of any article to any language

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It should be possible to write articles for all encyclopedias and there must be available automatic translators for that work and a process to find the right place in the target wikies.


- In detail, a SUL (single user login) should be used as one loginname for all encyclopedias.
- All different logins should be either linked together, or automatically used with one SUL for any wiki.
- A written article should be automatically translated into all languages.
- There should be a process, that the article will be provided to all wikies in the correct language.
- There should be a process, that the article will be provided to all wikies to the accurate place.
- In future the structures of all encyclopedia wikies must be transformed to a global one for all languages.


A knowledge written to an article must be available to all human beings.


No questions yet.

Potentielle Kosten

I don't know the costs yet.


global username change


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I would like to get ideas and help from other users to find a solution.

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--Hermann Winkler Siemens 10:33, 5 February 2012 (UTC)