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I would like to see Wikimedia support uploads of FLV files, as well as .ogg, and possibly even .mp4, .mov, and .m4p, so that videos of events can be uploaded more easily, without having to go through the arduous task of conversion between file formats.


To do this, the server would likely need to be upgraded. However, the potential of this could supply better system functions for not only Wikipedia, but the other Wikimedia-using wikis out there that need these types of file format to be able to be uploaded.


I have audio and video that I can not always share, as YouTube would result in a large number of people posting negative comments, and these video upload files could allow me to insert them into my User Page as a Personal File, which could come in extreme handy. Not to mention the implications of the chance of uploading more important videos to the server, such as that moon landing one. Imagine if we could post this as an mp4 file.

Key Questions

  • Are these formats supported by free open source software?
  • If not is the software that would support the formats we use widely available as open source free software?

Potential Costs

  • The server would need an overhaul, but the other proposals would likely work into that as well.


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