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The history of an article is now not easy and fast to overiew. Only the changes on the syntax can be viewed and further the changes are showen via numbered lines. Thats good for experienced users but no good usability at all for unexperienced users.

We should have espacially for unexperienced users a second more usable history. There should be a more visual history that shows the recent changes in a time flow on the existing(!) article (no syntax) and highlights the changed parts.

For instance, we would need to sort its entries by name or added bytes, and a dedicated search engine for all the history versions.


It is often said that Wikipedia must be critical of the media but for new or unexperienced users it is really hard to overview a long history of an article. A better usability of the history would also forestall a bit of the critics on the quality in Wikipedia because it would be easier to see the creation of an article.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

Though I am no developer I can't really figure out hte potential costs. So please developers share your thoughts!

I think I already saw once an external tool which dealed with this proposal but can't find it anymore. Please comment.


2 tools offer a beginning of this project:

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