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Flickr hosts an enormous amount of photos that would be useful in Wikimedia Commons, would the uploader have chosen the right license.


Flickr has taken the lead for photo-sharing, and moreover the website has adopted a license-system that is very useful for reuse in Wikimedia Commons (search by license enabled, contrarily to Picasa). Unfortunately, users of Flickr have usually no idea of the consequences of the licences they choose; among other things, they do not realize that only few licences allow a reuse in Wikipedia. Wikimedia should get in touch with Flickr to ask them to make the Wikipedia-related implications of licences more easier to understand for their uploaders. We could expect from it an important increase in Wikipedia-reusable photos on Flickr.


To extend the amount of photographs reusable on Wikimedia Commons, and hence make the graphic content of Wikipedia better.

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