Proposal:Combine Wikipedia and the Next "The Sims" game to make a perfect video game

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    Introduce Wikipedia into "The Sims" world to make the Sims (and the player controlling the Sims) smarter at the same time.


    • An idea for the next "The Sims" game that allow the player's Sim to access Wikipedia on the computer and freeze time so that the player can also view the same documents as the Sim.


    By simulating the effects that Wikipedia has on Sim people but yet bring it the real world, both the Sim and the player can increase their "intelligence points."

    Key Questions

    • How much of Wikipedia do we really put in the next installment of "The Sims?"
    • How much time should we allow people to use Wikipedia instead of "The Sims?"
    • What categories should we narrow upon that most users of "The Sims" would be interested in for a Wikipedia experience?

    Potential Costs

    programming and coding (I think)


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