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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


We would like to preserve as much volunteer effort as reasonable to preserve and grow volunteer motivation. Wikimedia relies to much on single articles, if we work together we can combine some pages together. If we find stubs we should find information from other pages and find a way to connect them.


1)Find Articles up for deletion and find an article they would merge glady with so we can keep that information.

2)Find stubs and make them longer by getting information from other pages, even if they don't seem to connect very well do it review and you will find a proper connection.


We wish to spread wikilove by not deleting useful content. We are Wikimedia we do not stop until we have connected everything and all is well.

Key Questions

How will we do this?

How will and unlikely possiblity lead up to an convincing connection?

Potential Costs

We may have to get rid of some 'orphan' articles.

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