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Proposal:Content translated automatically

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That Wikipedia uses a translator bot to auto translate every page


Instead of having a wiki in every language there should be a translator bot that translated the posts into a universal language like English for storage on a server. When someone wants to view a page it is translated to their language and so is are edits the make. This would save a lot of space on your servers. However, on pages that must be localized this bot could be stopped. That way we could HAVE a "world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge" regardless of the language we speak.


Saving server space and allowing people that speak Herero which has 0 articles access to the 2,991,243 articles on the English Wikipedia.

Key Questions

  • Would a translator be able to accurately translate text into all the languages Wiki has?
  • How would images with text be translated and replaced with correct formatting?
  • Why get rid of local languages communities?
  • How can we make that only non-locally-existent pages are machine-translated from another language?
  • Why English is supposed to be the language which has always the better content?
  • What do we do where different wikis have different POVS - for example the Hebrew and Arabic wikipedias on assorted subjects re the Holy Land?

Potential Costs

Acquiring a translator probably with source but Google does have an API. Adding new languages but this could be done by Wikipedians like announcements are.


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