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OpenStreetMap has a great feature: user diaries. Contributors have a link on their user pages to add a diary entry to share their mapping experiences, and all diaries are available as a stream, which gets included in the OpenStreetMap blog aggregator.

Wikimedia should do the same thing. Considering how many active contributors we have, the range of perspectives we get on, e.g., the Planet Wikimedia and Open Wiki Blog Planet aggregators is actually very narrow.


Give users a way to write diary entries that can be aggregated into a feed.


Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects offer very little sanctioned opportunity for self-expression. This would remedy that, without disrupting normal wiki editing.

Key Questions

Would the community be stronger if there were easier ways to share thoughts about the projects in a public forum, but without the baggage of making such a forum in the normal wiki way?

Potential Costs

  • Developer time to find out how OpenStreetMap does diaries and figure out an unobtrusive way to add that functionality to Wikimedia sites.


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