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So many websites include full copy-and-pasted Wikipedia articles. This would be a good way to let people distribute Wiki knowledge more easily while also keeping copies up-to-date and giving Wikipedia the credit it deserves.


What if each article contained copy-and-pastable code to include the full article, or just the abstract, on any webpage anywhere? This would be very useful in forums, where users will want to direct friends to Wiki articles and then quote and discuss the article. They won't have to open the forum in one tab/window and the Wiki article in another. It will also be much easier for them to see when the article is updated.


I've seen plagiarized Wikipedia articles all over the web and it makes me angry. With a widget like this, people will no longer have an excuse!

Key Questions

What is the difference between this and copying the URL which is already possible.

Potential Costs

I think that the Wikipedia template would have to be modified somewhat for the embedded widget to fit into the page. The cost of this would depend on Wikipedia's storage and caching systems. But I think it would at least be easy to implement.


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