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Delete All Wikimedia Projects. Fire all Wikimedia employees and apologize for wasting the world's time with such pointless projects. Also refund all money donated to the foundation.


Wikipedia is a huge problem. It disseminates unreliable and biased information and hijacks Google searches. Its administrators openly espouse trolling. Contributors are not rewarded for their work, and are often banned. Whenever I volunteer at any other organization, I am thanked for my efforts, but at Wikipedia, contributors are treated like trash.

Key Questions

  • Why should legitimate encyclopedias suffer because of Wikipedia?
    • Why should telegraph operators suffer because of e-mail? Why should SCO Unix suffer because of Ubuntu?
  • In the future, will we be forced to use Wikipedia?
    • Nobody is forcing you to use Wikipedia. Editing is voluntary. Reading is voluntary.
  • Why should we pay for a source that is less reliable than online databases and is written by teenagers?
    • You need not pay. Nobody is forcing you to pay.

Potential Costs

None. Only benefits.


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