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I have found no real "digital scrapbook" rather webpages made out to be called digital scrapbook. The differance between a digital scrapbook and a webapage does not seem to be clear. By common believe scrapbooking is about making a book, not a webpage.


As a starting point I have made a javascript based digital scrapbook. Where pages can easily be added and removed by (to change the # of pages or the size: configuration is required) advancements will come and I kinda remember something simalar but not as easily as just change the images. A guide for those that would like to use this at the moment would be nice.


I prefer the digital creation over literal and would like to bridge a gap between me and those that don't like digital creation. I believe that people will help Sherry by showing support for her to create more pages and continue giving as she gave the pages to the community for reuse.

Key Questions

What is the best way to approach a change in lingo for the digital scrapbooking world?

Potential Costs

None needed (unless you want to discuss CPU+Internet)


not much yet but the source is available at

The wikipedia scrapbook page has a blurb about digital scrapbooking.

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