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Proposal:Direct image uploads to Commons

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Change the "Upload file" link to direct image uploads to Commons, while restricting image uploads locally.



There are GFDL images, GPL images, public domain works, and free screenshots that all have valid licenses and could be moved to Commons with CommonsHelper. There's no point in doing so if more could be uploaded, however. These images are unable to be used by any other project by keeping them at Wikibooks.

Allowing image uploading puts additional burden on our administrators to not only check for licensing, but to also ensure said licensing is valid for the images in question. Administrators on Commons have become experts in their field and the tools and structure on Commons are far better suited to handling images. In addition, the fact that people can upload images at Wikibooks creates a great number of images that conflict with those on Commons, meaning that people can effectively prevent others from using images thought to be generally available, simply by uploading one of their own with the same name.

Key Questions

  • Should local image uploading be restricted to administrators only, or should it be made into a separate right (like rollbacker)?

Potential Costs

  • Some uploaders may wish their images to be available to those on Wikibooks only and may choose not to upload instead.


Community Discussion

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