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Make an easy article move between wikis. If an article is not enough for the wikipedia, but it can be a good article in wikiquotes, so there should be a move option between them.

Its anoying, when you add an article, and some of the admin removes it, because this is not the right place for it. (Deletes with the comment, "better to put it into wikiquotes" )

Its simply stupidity to remove instead move.

Other option if somebody had a more specific wiki on a differnt server but wants contribute the global wiki with articles, before the closing down. Maybe there should be a move option to the global wiki.


Give easy option for the admins to move article between wiki projects.


Normal people want add something to wiki, and its not his/her viewpoint, that its fitting into it. But that text is entered, and with a move, it can found its place.

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Want the wiki gets closer to people?

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simply nothing


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