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Proposal:Cooperate with (and/or operate) ebook shop(s)

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Cooperate with (and/or operate) ebook shop(s). An ebook shop could operate as a subsidiary of the foundation (the ebook shop is a means, the foundation is an end).


Cooperation with ebook shops could allow to publish Wikibooks in the ebook shops of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Libri and others. An ebook shop could invite authors to sell books under the Electronic Publishing Charity Source License (EPCSL).


  • The foundation could ask for a small revenue for the cooperation.
  • The books would become more available to the growing audience using ebook readers.
  • As a participant the foundation might gain more influence on issues concerning the ebook market (e.g. Open Hardware)

Key Questions

  • Operate an ebook shop? There may be publishers or wholesalers/resellers who do not have their own ebook system and might appreciate an effort to create a platform that is more open to participation by third parties.
  • Which hardware should be used? Could a modified OLPC be re-used, possibly under the QNX or Minix3 operating systems? (QNX appears likely to offer better support and more useful software modules while Minix3 has already been ported.)
  • Limit to WikiBooks or insist on all WikiPedia / WikiMedia content being available?
    • WikiSource is also good partner for such service.

Potential Costs

  • Quite the opposite. Wikimedia is not in the business of selling publications but cooperation with ebook shops that offer Wikibooks for free is not selling publications and Wikimedia does not pursue the goal to stop third parties from making money by publishing books. (One would notice the "don't buy Harry Potter" advertisements in Wikipedia if it were the case.)



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