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Proposal:Editorial teams (Redaktionen)/en

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I would like to propose competent editorial teams. The teams could assume functions and discussions within their area of expertise which are currently done or conducted by laypersons.


I propose to install editorial teams within the different Wikipedias which only work in their area of expertise. For instance an editorial team geography, editorial team history, editorial team chemistry and so on. Members of editorial teams should provide evidence for their expertise through prior work in Wikipedia or other credentials. The editorial teams could be assigned subject-specific obligations and they could offer better expert advice in deletion discussions than the usually less competent laypersons or administrators. The editorial teams could be assigned authority to issue directives concerning deletions to administrators (or higher authority, annotation of the translator), which would also lessen the work load of the administrators in the areas of expertise of editorial teams. In the most important topics such editorial teams could be formed from existing portals and their contributors.


Many decisions in deletion discussions are made by completely unqualified laypersons. An editorial team as a contact is missing, which leads to bizarre decisions sometimes, because the necessary experts are not always available. In some cases portals already assume this task but their decisions do not have any authority. An editorial team could constitute the - often criticized - missing regulative influence through expertise.

Key questions

  • How should editorial teams be formed?
  • How do members of editorial teams provide evidence for their expertise?
  • Can a special group of users be used for the purpose?
  • Can many previously public tasks be transferred to editorial teams?
  • How is the long-term functioning of such an instance guaranteed?

Potential costs

  • Probably none, because the creation of editorial teams would use available experts.


Community Discussion

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