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Vandals are still running rampant through Wikipedia and it must be stopped. Some edits go unnoticed and stay there for a very long time.


My proposal is to stop giving so many chances for vandals to redeem themselves. Once a vandal, always a vandal. Vandals must be blocked on sight.


Every Wikipedian editor would be happy to have less vandals on the street.

Key Questions

The questions are up to the people.

  • Do the current warnings work at dissuading vandalism, and would we lose some editors who we currently give warnings to?
  • How accurate is our spotting of vandalism, and therefore how many innocent users would be blocked for a non vandal edit if everything perceived as vandalism was blockable?

Potential Costs

The cost is free.


Community Discussion

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Agreed. To allow members of the community with edit above base line ie. 10 to tagged vandal user as vandal, automatically block the IP also for 48 hrs/1 week/1 m0nth if vote count >10/100. Only applicable to normal not sysop to avoid vandal blocking sysop. Yosri 13:47, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

Agreed, However as an IT student I see this potentially raising the administrative overhead, or amount of administrative work, of maintaining the wiki-media projects. I have actually achieved a message manually on my Wikipedia talk page and had my edit flagged by a bot as Vandalism. Most Major Vandalism as it taken care of immediately by wiki-bots, as is the same with other administrative tasks. The most important fact of the matter is people will find a way to do it anyway! --Koman90 03:02, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

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