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Embedding templates for each article (type of content) with automatic proposal of Chapters and/or Informations


A set of templates should be created (not the ones with {{}}) for all types of articles. They should be chosen automatically by category and support an automated review of articles. They should be understood as a manual or checklist (guideline?) and not as a fixed framework for articles.


On articles in closed area of articles it happens often, that they contain alsways similar informations. For example plants, countries or chemical substances should contain always the same informations like history for countries, range of distribution for plants or manufactoring or use for chemical substances. To use infoboxes for such informations mostly fussy this boxes. So there should be implemented a mechanism outside from this. Such like a checklist and an automated proposal for chapters and necessary informations to help the writer of the article to know which informations should be collected. Additionally this mechanism should provided help for an automated review of articles and should show which informations are missing in the article.


How much effort to implement ? How to decide which checklist/template is the correct one for this article ? Who and how to create such thing ? What happens with articles which span over two different areas ?

Potential costs

Implementation for the automated checklists/tests/templeates. The redactorials teams must provide such lists.


See also: Proposal:Reader-driven layouts and content


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