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Proposal:Embedding video files from different archives

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Today media files are used this way: File:Example.ogg We might embed in our articles media files that are not at commons. See mw:Manual:$wgForeignFileRepos. For example, for the archive metavid it could be done this way: File:metavid:Example.ogg or for the Internet Archive: File:Internet_Archiv:Example.ogg If the media file is a picture we would host on our servers only the thumbnail, so the archive has the chance to inform readers the way they want. Only video files from the Internet Archive or metavid that are edited with Kaltura should be stored at commons.


We will soon allow users to use open-source videos from the Internet Archive and metavid. I hope not all the files will be copied to commons. That would be very expensive and the archives might think we suck them out. The best way would be, that we use the Internet Archive and metavid the same way we use commons now.

Maybe this will open us a lot of archives.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

That could save us a lot of money.


  • mailinglist foundation-l: A GLAM delegate expressed an opinion in question time that they would be reluctant to have us mirror their collection, since they've spent a large amount of money setting up their data storage, so mirroring would seem like a waste.
  • The discussion on this subject were against this proposal. For example here and there.

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