Proposal:Enable merging of accounts, and do this to abusive sockpuppets

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Currently there is no way to merge multiple accounts, merging multiple accounts would simplify analysis of what actually happens on Wikipediia and reduce the impact of sockpuppetry cases once detected.


Create a software routine that would enable two accounts to declare themselves the same and reallocate one users edits to the other; and also enable bureaucrats to do this for revealed sockpuppets


There are editors who have made cleanstarts and subsequently changed their minds and it would be less confusing for all if they could merge their accounts.

There are also editors who have been caught sockpuppeting and it would help users who don't watch the drama boards to see the socks edits merged onto one account, as they'd now see that the three editors who kept agreeing with each other and disputing with them were now one editor.

It would also make life easier for formerly banned sockpuppeteers who are allowed back into the community if all their sockpuppet accounts were merged.

Lots of outsiders try to analyse the wikipedia community, but their stats are currently flawed because they treat each sock operated as a sockpuppet as a different user.

Key Questions

If someone found to have sockpuppeted is subsequently cleared will we be able to reverse this?

Potential Costs

Some software.


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