Proposal:Encourage laid-off automobile workers to edit Wikipedia articles related to the worldwide recession

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    Advertising to encourage laid-off automobile workers with some form of Internet access to create a free Wikipedia account and start writing about the recession and the automobile industry in general.


    Use Wikipedia as a tool to help people understand the plight of the laid-off auto workers a little better.


    Having laid-off workers using their unemployment/welfare cheques for Internet access instead of booze. By telling their history, future generations can learn about the instability of the modern workforce.

    Key Questions

    • How do we get these ex-auto workers to come to Wikipedia in solidarity?
    • How do we get them away from booze and into a place where they can show their views?

    Potential Costs

    just the time and effort to get these people to log into their internet access (along with advertisement fees for magazines directed towards a blue-collar audience)


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