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Proposal:Engage expatriate populations for their language and the language of the new country

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When people emigrated to another country, it is typical for the second generation to have an interest in their roots. Often the skills for their mother tongue are not particularly well developed from a writing point of view. When people are to learn about their roots, they will learn about the history, the geography of their country of origen. Wikipedia is often not well informed about these subjects in both the mother tongue and the dominant language of their new country.

Given the research that kids do, it would be cool to stimulate them to have it materialise in Wikipedia.


We might seek schools to do projects along these lines ... We could seek organisations of expats to get engaged. When we play this right, we may get the parents to become involved as well.. less likely but it might help them reach out to their kids and conserve some of their values.


When people learn history, a lot of the history of the world is not taught. The cultures of the majority of the peoples of the world are not well known outside their own country/culture. At the same time the world is becoming globally connected.. At a party you can meet people from many backgrounds. By stimulating the writing of these subjects, it becomes easier to get some understanding when you are open for it. Wikipedia IS the port of first call so it should be decent.

Key Questions

  • How do we reach out to for instance the Bengali community in Britain, the Surinam community in the Netherlands, the Algerian community in France ....
  • Many expats are refugees, their POV may be at odds with prevailing wisdom ... how do we deal with the obvious imbalance
  • How do we engage the regular communities to share this load and make Wikipedia an awesome inclusive source of information

Potential Costs

These outreach projects help remove the current bias in our projects. It should be possible to find funding for outreach projects like this.


"Kunst van overleven" the book that accompanies the exhibition on the Maroon of Suriname explains quite graphically about this search for the roots by Maroon who life in the Netherlands..

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