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Integrating Wikipedia into social networking websites like twitter, facebook and orkut etc.


Wouldn't it be great if I could search for a place name on orkut and wikipedia summary of the place pops up? I propose the following features in addition to the existing beauty that is wikipedia

  • Integration with social networking systems like twitter, facebook and orkut.
  • Editing and modifying content by orkut or facebook users using their orkut or facebook accounts.
  • A widget interface for wikipedia that intergrates with orkuts appication interface.
  • Page creation and content editing directly in twitter, orkut and facebook.
  • Edit summarries automatically added to your facebook page and twitter feed
  • Creating a dataware house with user statistics and search heuristics with the help of facebook and orkut.


I had this idea as I signed up for wikipedia as a user to add pages and fight vandalism. I always wondered if the data here could be shared more effectively by interfacing with existing social networking groups like facebook orkut and twitter.

Allow users to integrate their wikipedia editing seamlessly into their other social media activities, advertising their contributions (and wikipedia editting) to their friends.

Key Questions

None that cannot be answered.

Potential Costs

Zero. Its purely going to be based on the opensocial API system.


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