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Add a level of detail to all content (articles, paragraphs), filter content based on this.


I propose that metadata for detail level be added to all content, and that content is filtered according to the user's preference. The editing of this metadata should be part of the normal editing of a page, and all users should be able to vote down/up the importance of a page. The user should be able to alter the detail level preference while browsing, zooming in on more detailed content. The user should be able to set up a profile for this detail level, in order to have more detail when the article has a certain set of characteristics.


Wikipedia is being edited in such a way that content is lost due to it being perceived to have low notability. This notability is a subjective matter. The level of detail is inconsistent between languages. For wikipedia to be a repository for all human knowledge, it should be possible to publish an article on any arcane subject matter, and the content should rather be voted to a low notability rather than deleted. The mechanism proposed would also make it easier to get a bird's eye view over a new field.

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