Proposal:Funding of Free knowledge centers in poverty areas

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Wikimedia, as one of the most influencing and successful free knowledge organization in the world, should help build "Free Knowledge Centers" in poverty-stricken areas in every continent and state around the world, according to its ability. These knowledge centers would be equipped with computers with free software only, free internet, supply courses about wikipedia/free knowledge/software/code/etc, and help promote free knowledge in every aspect.


  1. research the possibilities, limitations, and skills needed to make this idea come true.
  2. choose the first location (preferably in a relatively "easy" location. for example, a marginalized neighborhood in a western country). the purpose of choosing an easy location at first, is the importance of the first experience being a successful one.
  3. create a plan of action
  4. collecting funds and donation for this specific purpose.
  5. set up the first center. hiring suitable staff.
  6. learn from the mistakes of the first process, and going on to set up better and improved centers in other places.


"Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment."

Key Questions

  • can the poor enjoy wikipedia and free knowledge?
  • how do we make free knowledge more accessible to poor communities?

Potential Costs

research would be needed to be done on this issue.


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