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We are reaching out to more and more GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives and museums). All of them have something to offer to us. We have something to offer to them. There are many levels of interaction possible between a GLAMs and the WMF. The GLAMwiki project is a new project dedicated to our partnership with GLAMs and where they can benefit from the interaction with fellow GLAM partners.


A new WMF wiki project dedicated to a developing community of the GLAM partners of the WMF. This project will allow GLAMs to self organise and present themselves and their activities that are of interest to the WMF and its communities.


There are thousands and thousands of GLAMs. As the number of them increases, it will become hard to support them and give them adequate attention and support. This project is proposed now in anticipation of a future problem.

GLAMs do a lot of Original Research. Having their own space gives them somewhere to post this without it being edited and deleted by the Wikipedia community. As the GLAM wiki is controlled by the GLAM it can be used as a reliable source for wikipedia. Having a space under their control may encourage GLAMs to post more stuff - though Wikimedias condition for providing free space should be that content is published under free licenses. 06:57, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Key Questions

  • the WMF and GLAMs are natural allies
  • how do we improve the annotations of our important and historic illustrations
  • how do we support 1000 GLAMs
  • how do we support annotations in other languages than English
  • how do we support people who do not speak English in Commons
  • how do we deal with material that exists in multiple GLAMs
  • how do we demonstrate our benefit to GLAMs
  • how will we scale the benefits we provide to GLAMs

For many of the questions there is no answer at present, by providing a focus to these GLAM related questions we work towards an answer

Potential Costs

By shifting attention and investment to GLAM there will be less attention and investment for our text based efforts.. It is a sign of our maturity that we have this choice.

Potential Benefits

  • improved relations with GLAM
  • involvement of people from our communities in supporting GLAM
  • a wealth of historic material we can use to illustrate our many projects
    • at the same time an increased wealth of collections that allow us their high resolution scans for digital restoration
  • a big stimulus towards the digitisation and digital annotation of collections.


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