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Proposal:German Wikipedia respecting the rules of civil communication

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The navigation Software of the present German Wikipedia uses a partly infantile and partly rude way of addressing all users - independently of whether these users are, what the Admins of the site call, "only readers" or belong to the club of Insiders, comprising contributors, Admins, censors, rowdies, bullies etc.


It is perfectly ok that the Insiders, comprising contributors, Admins, censors, rowdies, bullies etc. talk among each other in styles that they like best.

But German belonging to the overwhelming majority of languages that distinguish between a familiar or buddy-like way in addressing relatives, colleagues etc. on the one hand, and a civil and polite way in addressing strangers, it is surprising to see that a big, even huge anonymous user portal as also the German Wikipedia is now, was unable to adapt the styles of address from the rough and randy ways of the early beginnings to the polite and civil ways adequate to the present reality of scope and importance of the site.


politeness, raising the linguistic standard of GE Wikipedia

Key questions

politeness, civil forms of communication

Potential costs

financially hardly any relevant cost - intellectual input could be moderate, and may be without the reach of some of the present GE Wikipedia big shots



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