Proposal:Getting more in touch with people who have no Internet access

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Wikimedia should drive and organize its volunteers to get information from those who cannot access the Internet and therefore Wikimedia projects for whatever reason.


Wikimedia projects could really benefit from acquiring Information and Media from those who cannot access its projects, and more effort needs to be put in to acquiring such contributions. I think motivation could be improved by Wikipedia establishing a better presence in the mainstream media and expanding Wikimania.


I read an article claiming this is Wikipedia's biggest weakness in comparison to Britannica. (That, and claims that editors with expert knowledge in specialist fields are alienated by Anti-Elitist sentiment from the community, bu that's a whole other kettle of fish.) I believe it is very much a major point for Wikimedia to focus on, although, I have a very broad statement with "...people who have no Internet access more", and may need to clarify and specify targets.

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