Proposal:Hire people to check the credibility of certain wikis

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    Everyone i talk to, discredits wikipedia , because its a "USER ENTERED SITE"


    Hire 5-10 Full time employees who check articles with other web data and facts to see if the articles are infact true or legit. ALot of articles are not true, i have had rock bands tell me, Our wiki is wrong, i dont know what they are talking about (nonpoint) So this will validate articles and allow for more fact less fiction.


    "wikipedia is not a reliable source for info"

    Key Questions

    What skill set do you need to work @ wiki and find info (common sence to choose a source as CNN not to verifiy info

    Potential Costs

    12-15$ hourly, 40 hours a week, X 5-10 employees ($124,800 for 5 employees a year at 12$ a hour)


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