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As WikiMedia moves the "Peoples' Proposals" forward, the entire community plus a dedicated group of proposal reviewers will be necessary. Otherwise, all proposals will not necessarily get a fair shake. We propose a means to use both the general community and a dedicated group of well-trained wiki-citizens who are excellent at reviewing proposals for WikiMedia.


  1. Create a star rating and comment structure to collect rapid feedback and relative ranking
    1. Allow everyone to participate in this process
  2. Create a proposal review team of nominated or self-selected individuals who will review on average 1 proposal per day up to 10 proposals/day. They will provide detailed, constructive feedback on every section of the proposal, suggesting ways to improve the impact of the proposal.


All of the "Peoples' Proposals" should get a fair hearing and WikiMedia should invest in positioning each proposal to maximize its value.

Key Questions

  • Proposals improvement
    • How can we improve community discussion on proposals, to improve and wiki-edit them, instead of having lots of single-user (often dup) proposals, without any real share of ideas and strategic thinking?
  • Voting
    • How many votes does a community member get? IE, how many proposals can they vote on?
    • Do WikiMedia "proposal reviewers'" votes count the same as community members?


  1. Elegant star rating widget or improved existing ranking widget with comments and visualization = 2 staff months development.
  2. Create process for "WikiMedia proposal reviewers" to be nominated or self-select; create engine to email unreviewed proposals to reviewers (once all proposals are reviewed at least once by a WPR, start the layer 2 WPR review process). 3 staff months development.


  1. Peer reviewed magazines, idea marketplaces, internal R&D programs use this process
Process Diagram as of 8.Sep.09.

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