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A boss key that automatically logs you off your registered account on Wikipedia without having to go on top to the article and click "Log out"


This boss key would allow people slaving away at an office job or those with dial-up Internet to quickly leave their registered account without having to click on "Log out" using the mouse. Alternative, the boss key could automatically log you off your registered account and find a random article for you to look at that is businesslike (i.e., no Japanese video games, toys, television programs, or other things that don't mesh with an office job). Examples of businesslike articles would include the stock market, various corporations, businesses, world events, travel information (for business trips), and business ettiquette.


People need to log out of their registered accounts quickly when faced with adverse situations. Being able to do it with two strokes of the keyboard could save time.

Key Questions

  • What key combination should we use?
  • How do we get users acquainted with this function?

Potential Costs

just the time for the people responsible for the code to add the function in


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