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Combine all the different language Wikipedias back into a single integrated project, for vast synergy gains.


We should have one project, one encyclopedia, with different language versions (not exact translations) of each page. This would save vast amounts of effort not only keeping the interwikilinks up to date, but on all the other tasks - project administration, article categorization, sourcing, etc. - that are done within each project but are in fact largely language-independent. And even more significantly, a system of information sharing could quite easily be devised, so that structured, tabular information could be entered and maintained in one place and automatically be distributed to all language versions of a page, even those that have not yet been specifically written. Vast efficiency gains should result from this, as well as making information available to millions more readers.


Common sense, and experience with the time-wasting tasks that the current system necessitates.

Key Questions

How to get there - much cooperation and compromise needed between existing wikis to get them sufficiently harmonized. And to avoid creating vast bureaucracy in the process (why does the European Union come to mind?)

Potential Costs

Significant initial effort required to make the changeover.


I've made a related Proposal:Interwiki links for redlinks.

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