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Interoperability amoung Wiki based sites allowing for cross-site search capability and indexing as well as better import and export features.


  • Search:What I propose is a central server indexing similar to google of Wiki-based sites allowing for cross-site search. This would be a central database that a site owner could submit their wiki to. If the community judges their Wiki to not be blantent spam, nonsense, or consist of frequent vandalism, they would be included in the index. An example is Memory Alpha or Inheriwiki where more information about Star Trek or the Inheritance Cycle novels are stored than Wikipedia holds.
    Then when I search for "Spock" I could see not only Wikipedia's page for Spock, Dr. Spock, and Star Trek; I would also see the Memory Alpha pages as well which might contain more or different information.
  • One-click export-import: I would like to see Wiki sites work closer together to export and import data directly instead of requiring a user to export XML to their desktop and import it to their Wiki site. An idea would be that if a user could go to the Wiki site he wishes to import to and gives a URL to a page he wants to import from, the sites could use the API to pull the page from one another.
    Note: you can already do this: see m:Help:Import (transwiki import), mw:API:Edit - Import


My main motivation is my difficulty in finding topics using google search. Often times if I search for a product that I want to know more about, I get bombarded with e-commerce sites selling the product. Sometimes I will add "Wiki" to the end of my google searches which will make any available Wikipedia pages appear near the top but Wikipedia does not always have what I seek. WikiMedia is a leading provider of Web 2.0 software and I would like to see these Web 2.0 sites more integrated and interoperable.

Key Questions

  • What will be the criteria to judge which sites to be included in the index?

Potential Costs

  • Bandwidth
  • Servers
  • Storage


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