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    I like Wikipedia for its contents, I like Wikipedia for its huge amount of text and information, but most of all I like Wikipedia because of its enormous amount of images. There are images for nearly everything you can imagine here! From castles to bacteria. And the amount of images that Wikipedia has will probably grow and grow even more. I believe that we must seize the chance right now, while there are "not so many" images uploaded and organize them for future use.


    At the present moment, we can surely look for images of a certain topic in Wikipedia by looking the page of the topic itself and then viewing the pictures that Wikipedia has on it. This, however, takes time and even if the pictures are part of Wikipedia Commons, that is, all Wikipedias of all languages can use them, the different languages' Wikipedias' articles on a same subject often don't show the same images. Images about a certain subject are therefore difficult to locate inside Wikipedia. This could become easier if some keywords or perhaps a small text was added to each image's page (together with a searching tool, specially for images). It would thus be quite simpler for the users to find images on the subject they want to.
    It's also important to translate the keywords (or the text) to different languages, although there would also be the need to add a "what language?" tool in the search tool.


    Making users' lives easier. :)

    Key Questions

    - Would this be hard to do? I think so. Each single image in Wikipedia Commons would have to be reseen and properly keyworded, and this would have to be done in all languages. Hence there would have to be some task teams in each language "booking" the images.

    Can this be achieved through categories?

    Potential Costs

    Memory costs mainly. Even if there are only 5 keywords, let's say, for each image, there are at least 50 major language Wikipedias and many, many images. Also, there would have to be some technical research to develop the "image searcher", and some time loss to catalog all pictures.



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