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The projects intends to have a special part of wikipedia to be exclusive for lecture notes from students of any level form of study. Since lectures deliver specific information about a topic in a condensed form, it will be easier to access and explore the knowledge.


A particular domain dedicated to student community.

Note: done: wikiversity:

Teachers, students or anyone can upload their lecture notes.

There must be a comprehensive system to reduce possible errors. I guess wiki has already made a nice one for that.

The uploading process must be simpler than the basic system available because students often try to skip citations and references.


The need of such a system came up to my mind when I came across studying the basics of chemistry trying to get some info on mesomeric effect. Though the topic is very simple, wiki has very little info on that. Even if I try to add more, the chances of making mistakes are higher than an expert. But if students/teachers could directly upload stuff from their classrooms. The picture will be different. Every day millions of lectures takes place all over the globe. Imagine a world where anyone can access them all!!!

The idea is based on MIT's Open Courseware Project. But it is highly nondescriptive. I am sure wiki can make it bigger and better.

Key Questions

Do we have the fund? (I am not new to wiki but i am new to strategy planning) Popularizing the domain among people and encouraging them to use it

Potential Costs

I have no idea about costs of a domain development. Friends, if u can guess. please edit this stub proposal



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