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Proposal:Less anonymity

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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


There must be less anonymity. Structures must be clear. Behind each edit, there is a mind. It should be more personal.


Keep the possibility to make edits anonymously. These edits must be well declared as anonymous. There are other opportunities. One can be a non anonymous participant. These participants have a unique account with some personal information (Name, Forename, Nationality and Date of birth). Probably there might be an optional picture also. The identity of a non anonymous participant must be verified (for instance by a copy of its passport).


In future there are several categories of participants. Allways there should be a category anonymity. But anonymity is not a reputed participant. Wisdom always arises from humans. For instance Wikipedia needs renowned authors. This is the only way to gain higher a reputation.

Key Questions

  • How can Wikimedia gain more non anonymous participants, without losing its anonymous ones.
  • How can Wikimedia motivate reputed personalities to participate? (Apart from by allowing them to remain anonymous)
  • How can Wikimedia protect non anonymous editors from real life harassment?
  • On a multinational site how does one introduce a verification system that works for anyone from any country, and doesn't have significant costs?

Potential Costs

There will be some costs for marketing.

A lot of good editors will be lost?

A load of back office costs will be created to deal with the processing of those anonymous editors who send in passports etc.


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