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Local knowledge is being lost, quickly. This should be recorded by the contributers to Wiki, this will also help growth and discussion of the article and sections and promote collaboration.


I propose that people write down local knowledge from their local area, be it old wives tales, folklore appertaining to their area, or even local dishes. The common way of life as recorded by the common people


Local knowledge gets more and more hidden, the closer we all come to being united. It's always nice to know about places, and everything has to happen in a place. It would be really nice if we could record some of this information, for no other reason than the fear that the world may one day become one homogeneous lump of human beings.

Key Questions

  • Does anyone really care where they come from?
  • Does anyone have a story to tell
  • Is WikiPEDIA really the place for this? Or would wikitravel or a new wikimedia project be better?

Potential Costs


References 14:41, 29 September 2009 (UTC) Alec J. Cook

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