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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
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  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
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Commons still has a reputation as a "backstage" project - and with good reason. The main page is cluttered, the category system is, as has been stated many times, a disaster and useless for finding all media related to a subject (mostly because a large portion of the media on Commons isn't properly categorized), and what's worst is that after all this time Commons still lacks a good "entry point" - except for the dubious candidate Featured Pictures, where first-time users are greeted with several hundreds of photos of bugs and zero non-picture media, which in general seem to be all but ignored on Commons altogether. Something needs to change if Commons is to become the average user's media archive of choice.


A step in the right direction would be to introduce something you might call a Commons Palette - a portal giving an overview of what Commons has to offer. This portal would be a visually engaging library comprised of some of the best media on Commons - and I mean media, not just pictures. Ideas include categorizing pictures by color (something which has been done manually for the Wikimedia Mosaic) and presenting them in a rainbow-style arrangement, a semantic web, or a world map showing geolocated images at their location.

Some more proposals:

Key Questions

  • What is the first impression we want to give a random visitor who stumbles upon the Commons main page?
  • What can we do to introduce a more balanced selection of the Picture of the Day (August so far has seen 6 insects on the main page out of 13 days - hardly balanced and unattractive to many average users, who might even find insects disgusting)?
  • What can we do to better present the sounds and videos on Commons?
  • How can the category system, which has not proven itself up to its job, be replaced or revamped?
  • Can MediaWiki be a suitable media repository?

Potential Costs

  • None financial for the palette project, as this project can be achieved using existing hardware and software. However it will require significant time, planning, and energy to accomplish properly.
  • Developer costs.


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